Marvel Captain America: Civil War Egg Attack - Black Panther (EA-028)

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EA 028
- 10” MARVEL Hero statue with exquisite details 
- Meticulously hand painted and professionally sculpturing 
- Faithful reproduction of all details on Black Panther’s mask helmet, suit and claws
- Featuring an airport battle scene diorama taken from the movie
- Miniature crates and other small items as diorama accessory items

Marvel’s first black superhero in Marvel, T'Challa, ascended to the throne and became a protector of Wakanda for generations after his father was killed by terrorists. A great warrior in the mythology, the character is as speed, power and agile as a “Black Panther”, his codename in the series.

Egg Attack re-produces the Black Panther as seen in Captain America: Civil War. The low-profiled, elaborate equipment texture and delicately carved muscle texture and costume details are all vividly presented on whether the helmet, the patterns of the totem on the costume, or the accessories with luster of metals. Together with the airport debris stand and the randomly arranged box props, the most dreadful battle scene in the movie is now presented in front of you.
What's in the box 1 x Marvel Captain America: Civil War Egg Attack - Black Panther (EA-028)
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